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12 Security Awareness Training Topics you Need to Know in 2020

In 2020, it is becoming more important than ever to educate and train end users on cyber security best practice in the workplace. 

Increasingly sophisticated digital threats, combined with new technologies, make educating your digital workforce on cyber security

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The Role of Human Error in Successful Cyber Security Breaches

There’s not a single person alive who never makes mistakes. In fact, making mistakes is a core part of the human experience - it is how we grow and learn. Yet in cyber security, human mistakes are far too often overlooked.

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Top 5 Physical Security Risks - And How to Protect Your Business

Antivirus won’t stop a physical attack. While many businesses are starting to wake up to the cyber risks posed by phishing and malware, it is essential that physical security is not neglected. Without appropriate protection measures in place, your business is left vulnerable to physical threats.

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Fileless Malware: The 'Undetectable' Threat Targeting Your Users

Like many types of malware attacks, this threat can arise from a simple click of a link from an unsuspecting end user. The difference here though, is just how difficult it is to spot an infection.

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