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How To Transform Your Users Into A Cyber Security Asset

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Emma Woods

How To Expose Employee Cyber Weaknesses (Before Attackers Do)

With 60% of cyber attacks coming as a direct result of insider behaviour, there’s plenty of cyber security weaknesses among employees. It’s time you found out what they are.

how to expose employee cyber weaknesses

 When news breaks of a security breach, the limelight often shines on a huge technological failing or even some kind of nefarious actor in another country. The truth is, no matter how big or small these breaches are, the blame usually simmers down to a simple wrong action of someone inside the business.

Hardly a box-office hit, right?

Well, that may be the case, but businesses of all sizes need to know what their employee’s weaknesses are when it comes to cyber security - not least due to the fact that 60% of all attacks come as a result of people inside the business.

But before we look at how you can find your employee’s biggest cyber security weaknesses, let’s dig into what they could actually be.


Weakness #1 We're only human

Human error. We’re all capable of it and, unfortunately, there seems to be an endless list of cyber mistakes an employee can make in today’s tech-obsessed world. From sending an email to the wrong person, to losing corporate devices and confidential data, the risks can be pretty severe.

Combine these misdoings to the fact that many businesses have either a poor security awareness programme or a non-existent one, then you have a recipe for disaster.

 GDPR & information security awareness posters



Weakness #2 | We're an easy target


social media tabs on mobile phone

Online criminals are experts at hijacking employee identities. From spear phishing to CEO fraud, compromising an employee account or system via sophisticated and targeted attacks is a growing threat.

Perhaps the biggest employee weakness in this area is that, quite often, the user has given the attacker all the information they’ll need on a plate. Oversharing on social media is ultimately one of the main culprits, making techniques such as social engineering an easy game for online criminals.




The average cost of corportate data breaches has increased by 15 


Weakness  #3 | Poor password security 

Passwords are the simplest form of security yet people dismiss them so often. Something as simple as a password could be the one thing that saves your data from being breached, its amazing how these very simple forms of security are the top cyber security weakness of employees.

Remember not every employee in your business might be trustworthy, malicious employees whose intent is to steal or damage data are a massive risk to your company. As well as having a strong passwords for all of your accounts, it's wise to enable two factor authentication, to prevent anyone from gaining access. Even if a malicious outsider or insider gained access to your password they would need the other form of security to authenticate.

Employee working on computer  

Weakness #4 | Social Engineering

Social engineering seems to be the centre of attention when it comes to cyber attacks, this simple method of manipulating end-users is the reason for so many successful cyber attacks.

Social engineering has been around for some time, it has just started to be utilised a lot more by cyber criminals, because it works. Whether its through the means of a phishing email or a private message via a social media channel, a lot of people fall for these type of attacks as it relies on human emotion, which can easily be manipulated if you know how to approach the individual and research enough information about them.



 " 62% of businesses have experienced a social engineering attack"



How to find your employee's biggest cyber security weaknesses

So we’ve covered just a couple of reasons as to why your employees can be a big cyber risk to your business, but there’s much more to consider. From physical security to staying safe when working remotely, there’s a tonne of areas where end-users are highly vulnerable. But what’s the answer to finding where their weaknesses lie?

Simple - conduct a quick and easy online Gap Analysis Quiz of your employees!

This gap analysis will focus solely on your employee’s cyber security knowledge, finding their biggest strengths and (more importantly) their biggest weaknesses - all by covering the different types of threats that they could potentially face.

The best thing about this tool (provided you choose the right service!) is that your users can complete it at a time best suited to them, allowing you to benchmark your security awareness training without causing uproar across departments.

You can try out the usecure gap analysis tool for free. Our free trial doesn’t require any card details or installations and gives you a full look at what topics your users should be quizzed on. 


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